Facebook #Forever

There seems to be a certain generational divide surrounding technology that becomes evident through nonchalant statements, as well as politicized social works likening social media users to sheep. While this is understandable to a certain [...]

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The Fantasy Game

Jane is a sentient artificially intelligent network created by Science-Fiction writer Orson Scott Card and first appears officially in his book Speaker for the Dead. She was originally conceived as a computer fantasy game that [...]

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The Ironic Immortality of HeLa Cancer Cells

HeLa are an immortal cell line first discovered in the cervical tumor of an African-American woman, Henrietta Lacks, in 1951. Henrietta was 31 years old and the mother of five children when she passed away, [...]

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On Dualism and Descartes

          Rene Descartes was a French philosopher and mathematician who established the idea that the soul exists as something immaterial and non-spatial, distinctly separate from the tangible substance of the body. [...]

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BioArt and Immortality

Bio-Artist Marta De Menezes, has no specific background in biology, but her work explores a unique intersection from the world of science and the world of art. She takes scientific techniques and adapts them to [...]

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Born in Bogota, Columbia in 1958, renowned artist Doris Salcedo completed her BA Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano in 1980 and continued on to earn an MA from New York University in 1984. She [...]

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