Eric Klein Q+A: Escaping Extinction

Our first question that we asked Eric was concerning the social sciences. We asked what role the social sciences should have in surviving and preventing existential risks of destruction. Are we doing enough right now? What could be different? What Eric said was that we should be publishing more studies and publicizing more studies about [...]

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The World’s Been Ending for 500 Years: Centering Indigenous Knowledges and Sovereignty in Responding to Environmental Change

Responding to a line of Kyle Whyte thinking, which frames contemporary environmental collapse as an experience of déjà vu for many Indigenous peoples who have endured centuries of colonial violence, Dr. Leonardo Figueroa Helland asserted, “it’s already been the end of times.” 500 years of the end of times. Such a framing begins to convey [...]

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Film Concept based on Camus’ “The Myth of Sisyphus”

Writing Prompt: If you were to make a work of art from the myth of Sisyphus, what would it be? Sketch out the beginnings of your concept – where would you do it? What effect would you want it to have? Could be any form of art – film , literature, performance, music, public procession, [...]

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Bunker Design 9/25

Dani D, Dani G, Meredith, Elsie Design sketches by Dani D -The bunker is sustainable for about 3 months on the mill. After some time it will need maintenance. An extra 3 months of life underwater is possible if power is switched to the battery. -The bunker isn't created to sustain life for eternity– it's [...]

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Group Post 9/25

Group Post September 25th:  Poetics of Social Death Elsie, Dani D, Dani G, Meredith *burials as sites for study of social change Sources: beyond the body: death and social identity Social death: Racialized rightlessness and the criminalization of the unprotected Death-ritual and social structure in classical antiquity Hearing the patient's 'voice': Toward a social poetics [...]

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The Ideology of Immortality: a Tool for Social Control

The Ideology of Immortality: a Tool for Social Control Research Group 1: Armando Dollero, Ousmane Sow and Oscar Fossum In Professor Abou Farman’s essay “Terminality,” he discusses how “biomedicine has changed the horizon of death from a principally social and moral to a temporal one” (98). An individual’s distance from death is quantified by doctors, [...]

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Palliative Care is The Devil

Charlie Magun Daryl Pazer Sintra Martins Terminality 25 September 2018 Hospice Care and Terminality: Timing Death There are a multitude of problems posited by Bethne Hart in her essay “Whose Dying?”, on ideas of what is a “good death” in western tradition, namely palliative care. The problem of note is in the making of a [...]

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Group Post Sept. 11 Elsie, Meredith, Dani G, Dani D   How does the future affect the present?   In this article, Radcliffe ponders the question about whether or not the prospect of the future can affect the present. People tend to be very critical about their present day actions affecting the future. [...]

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We tend to view art as being limited to the human experience, conveying emotion that is exclusive to a living, breathing individual. Nonetheless, the early 1970’s challenged this theory when a computer art program by Harold Cohen with the name of AARON erupted. It was the first ever robot produced paintings. AARON was capable of [...]

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Begging for Death, the Diary of Online Pets

Neopets is a website that was launched by Adam Powell and Donna Williams in late 1999 and in June 2005, purchased by Viacom for $160 million. Gameplay allows users to create and care for ‘Neopets’ and explore the online world of Neopia. The game does not have any requirements and is set up with an [...]

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