We tend to view art as being limited to the human experience, conveying emotion that is exclusive to a living, breathing individual. Nonetheless, the early 1970’s challenged this theory when a computer art program by Harold Cohen with the name of AARON erupted. It was the first ever robot produced paintings. AARON was capable of [...]

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Begging for Death, the Diary of Online Pets

Neopets is a website that was launched by Adam Powell and Donna Williams in late 1999 and in June 2005, purchased by Viacom for $160 million. Gameplay allows users to create and care for ‘Neopets’ and explore the online world of Neopia. The game does not have any requirements and is set up with an [...]

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Good and Evil on the Long Voyage

The "immortal" hybridoma cells under a microscope. The intersections of bioart, the immersion of art and biology, and the expression of concepts and reactions to the concept of immortality is an area readily explored by many artists, scientists, and students alike, with intense modern focus on the extension of life through laboratorial cellular [...]

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Organ Harvesting

With the discussion of life preservation, one might think about organ donations.  It's perceived as a humble sacrifice, honorable even, to selfless offer a piece of your anatomy to aid in another.  However, due to high demand from the people in need and the value of bodily parts has birthed a dangerous market. In countries [...]

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The Multiverse

I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the creators of the show Rick and Morty, in large part due to their comical and captivating responses to issues relating to existence and the infinite. While the show is set in a fictional universe with extravagantly sci-fi hypotheticals, it poses intriguing questions in each [...]

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The House of The Scorpion

The House of the Scorpion by Nancy Farmer is a science fiction story set in the not so distant future in what we know as Mexico. Set on an estate that produces massive quantities of Opium and is ruled by a powerful drug lord named Matteo Alacran, the story depicts a disturbing but likely portrayal of [...]

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Playing God

Dolly Sheep with scientist who created her Ian Wilmut Scientists first began cloning with frogs in the 1950’s, not extremely successful but since then things have only gone forward. The first mammal being Dolly the sheep in 1996, that died five years later. However, human cloning is a controversial topic and has yet [...]

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The Talmud and Jewish Cultural Proliferation

The Talmud is a key text in Judaism recorded in the first or 2nd century CE over the course of 600 years. It is comprised of rabbinic discussions of the Oral Law, statutes not written in the Torah that were passed on through oral tradition from rabbis to students. Rabbis became concerned that the Oral [...]

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Risk Management, Micromorts, Life and Existence

Our lives can end at any moment. Even if we entertain the possibility of indefinite life by means of medical technology, we cannot escape the risk of being killed in any number of unexpected ways. Some have attempted to quantify this risk. The micromort is a concept introduced by Ronald Howard in 1980, which is [...]

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Virtual Death

With the ever-advancing technology of virtual reality and simulated experiences, one can be placed in an alternate space that feels and looks very, maybe too real. Through sound, 360-degree visuals, and even sensory stimulation, VR artists are toeing the boundaries of realistic computerized scenarios. We see such an invention being used as a new form [...]

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