Palliative Care is The Devil

Charlie Magun Daryl Pazer Sintra Martins Terminality 25 September 2018 Hospice Care and Terminality: Timing Death There are a multitude of problems posited by Bethne Hart in her essay “Whose Dying?”, on ideas of what [...]

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Group Post Sept. 11 Elsie, Meredith, Dani G, Dani D   How does the future affect the present?   In this article, Radcliffe ponders the question about whether or not the prospect of [...]

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We tend to view art as being limited to the human experience, conveying emotion that is exclusive to a living, breathing individual. Nonetheless, the early 1970’s challenged this theory when a computer art program by [...]

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Begging for Death, the Diary of Online Pets

Neopets is a website that was launched by Adam Powell and Donna Williams in late 1999 and in June 2005, purchased by Viacom for $160 million. Gameplay allows users to create and care for ‘Neopets’ [...]

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Good and Evil on the Long Voyage

The "immortal" hybridoma cells under a microscope. The intersections of bioart, the immersion of art and biology, and the expression of concepts and reactions to the concept of immortality is an area readily [...]

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Organ Harvesting

With the discussion of life preservation, one might think about organ donations.  It's perceived as a humble sacrifice, honorable even, to selfless offer a piece of your anatomy to aid in another.  However, due to [...]

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