Playing God

Dolly Sheep with scientist who created her Ian Wilmut Scientists first began cloning with frogs in the 1950’s, not extremely successful but since then things have only gone forward. The first mammal being [...]

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The Talmud and Jewish Cultural Proliferation

The Talmud is a key text in Judaism recorded in the first or 2nd century CE over the course of 600 years. It is comprised of rabbinic discussions of the Oral Law, statutes not written [...]

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Risk Management, Micromorts, Life and Existence

Our lives can end at any moment. Even if we entertain the possibility of indefinite life by means of medical technology, we cannot escape the risk of being killed in any number of unexpected ways. [...]

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Virtual Death

With the ever-advancing technology of virtual reality and simulated experiences, one can be placed in an alternate space that feels and looks very, maybe too real. Through sound, 360-degree visuals, and even sensory stimulation, VR [...]

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Bog Bodies

We’ve discussed preservation before with Egyptian mummies, however, the “bog bodies” are a unique but related case. Their preservation was completely unintentional and a unique occurrence. Located in various countries in Europe such as the [...]

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The First Emperor’s Legacy

Qin Shihuang, China’s First Emperor, ascended to the throne of the state of Qin in 246 BCE at the age of 13. During his 36 year reign, he defeated the kingdom’s neighbors, completed the Great [...]

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