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We tend to view art as being limited to the human experience, conveying emotion that is exclusive to a living, breathing individual. Nonetheless, the early 1970’s challenged this theory when a computer art program by Harold Cohen with the name of AARON erupted. It was the first ever robot produced paintings. AARON was capable of [...]

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Organ Harvesting

With the discussion of life preservation, one might think about organ donations.  It's perceived as a humble sacrifice, honorable even, to selfless offer a piece of your anatomy to aid in another.  However, due to high demand from the people in need and the value of bodily parts has birthed a dangerous market. In countries [...]

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Planaria Experiment Reflection

The planaria experiment was entirely unique for me, having not been in a lab setting or taken biology in several years.  It was also contrasting to the way we have studied the concept of immortality thus far in the course, through readings, lectures, podcasts and video platforms.  To be able to see with my own [...]

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Virtual Death

With the ever-advancing technology of virtual reality and simulated experiences, one can be placed in an alternate space that feels and looks very, maybe too real. Through sound, 360-degree visuals, and even sensory stimulation, VR artists are toeing the boundaries of realistic computerized scenarios. We see such an invention being used as a new form [...]

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Astral Projection

Astral projection is a phenomenon where the conscious mind transcends the human vessel during sleep and has out of body experiences. One is perfectly aware of their surroundings and their physical body during the event.  It is something you can exercise during a lucid dream or even while awake.   During these experiences, the physical [...]

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