Group 3 Planaria Lab

WORM 2: Written by Dylan For the planaria lab I (Dylan) was in group three with Mike and Steve. Steve had asserted that he did not want to physically cut a worm himself so, for [...]

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Planaria Lab

 Group 5 Observations (Alexa, Sabina, Afnan) Planaria Observations   Sabina: Working with the planaria was an opportunity to discuss different forms of immortality and survival. For our group, we noticed that both our uncut worm [...]

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Planaria: The Miraculous Regenerating Worm

Our understanding of biological immortality was given practical application with our experiment with the planaria in Professor Chamany’s lab. Although we have read a lot of theoretical work surrounding biological immortality, and the mechanisms for [...]

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Planaria Experiment Reflection

The planaria experiment was entirely unique for me, having not been in a lab setting or taken biology in several years.  It was also contrasting to the way we have studied the concept of immortality [...]

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