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Planaria Lab

 Group 5 Observations (Alexa, Sabina, Afnan) Planaria Observations   Sabina: Working with the planaria was an opportunity to discuss different forms of immortality and survival. For our group, we noticed that both our uncut worm and a cut piece of tail not only grew, but eventually split apart and regenerated. This splitting was most likely [...]

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Playing God

Dolly Sheep with scientist who created her Ian Wilmut Scientists first began cloning with frogs in the 1950’s, not extremely successful but since then things have only gone forward. The first mammal being Dolly the sheep in 1996, that died five years later. However, human cloning is a controversial topic and has yet [...]

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Bog Bodies

We’ve discussed preservation before with Egyptian mummies, however, the “bog bodies” are a unique but related case. Their preservation was completely unintentional and a unique occurrence. Located in various countries in Europe such as the UK, Denmark, Ireland, Germany etc, the bodies date back to the Iron Age 800 B.C. to 200 A.D. The bodies [...]

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Immortality and Mermaids

UKIYO-E, 1808, NINGYO, KATSUSHIKA HOKUSAI Immortality and consumption are often intertwined, the myth of Yaoya Bikuni (translated into the 800 year nun/priestess) is one such instance. The Japanese myth tells the story of a fisherman who catches a strange fish, he then serves it at a dinner he is hosting. There are different [...]

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  Maruyama Ōkyo by Tsukioka Yoshitoshi.   Hauntings, spirits, our interaction with the departed has always been fascinating. Unexplainable happenings with ghosts or spirits has always been a part of my cultural background but it didn’t solidify until I had experienced something that could be defined as such. Recently I began reading a [...]

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