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The Talmud and Jewish Cultural Proliferation

The Talmud is a key text in Judaism recorded in the first or 2nd century CE over the course of 600 years. It is comprised of rabbinic discussions of the Oral Law, statutes not written in the Torah that were passed on through oral tradition from rabbis to students. Rabbis became concerned that the Oral [...]

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The Ironic Immortality of HeLa Cancer Cells

HeLa are an immortal cell line first discovered in the cervical tumor of an African-American woman, Henrietta Lacks, in 1951. Henrietta was 31 years old and the mother of five children when she passed away, eight months after her diagnosis. While being tested and treated at Johns Hopkins hospital, a physician took a tissue sample [...]

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Cathexis and Lifegames of Immortality

Brandon Joyce wants to see a game that will last the Ages. Cathexis is defined as an intense fixation on an object, idea, or desire. In his writing, Joyce ties together this idea of cathexis in something he refers to as “lifegames,” the practices we engage in on a daily basis to distract ourselves from [...]

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