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Risk Management, Micromorts, Life and Existence

Our lives can end at any moment. Even if we entertain the possibility of indefinite life by means of medical technology, we cannot escape the risk of being killed in any number of unexpected ways. Some have attempted to quantify this risk. The micromort is a concept introduced by Ronald Howard in 1980, which is [...]

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TIM is a work by Belgian artist Wim Delvoye that sold for over 100,000 euros in 2008. The work took approximately 40 hours to complete and has been showcased in museums around the world including the Louvre and MONA. TIM is a tattoo. For now, a man named Tim Steiner is the frame for TIM. [...]

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Reality and Unreality

In 1973 a study in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion surveyed 434 people in the Greater Los Angeles area and found that approximately 44 percent of respondents had experienced some sort of encounter with the dead. Respondents reported contact through direct visits from the dead, séances and most often dreams, which accounted [...]

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