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Good and Evil on the Long Voyage

The "immortal" hybridoma cells under a microscope. The intersections of bioart, the immersion of art and biology, and the expression of concepts and reactions to the concept of immortality is an area readily explored by many artists, scientists, and students alike, with intense modern focus on the extension of life through laboratorial cellular [...]

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A Recipe for Longevity

Due to a recent influx of information concerning the progress of the anthropocene, and its intersection with the continuing spiral of the health food and diet industries through the world market, it is easy to see concerns relating to immortality, sustainability, and livelihood that all contribute to notable changes in dietary behaviors as well as [...]

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Masculinity, Monogamy and Fascism

Widespread monogamy’s implementation into society first occurred in Germany during the fifteenth century and was catalyzed by the Italian Renaissance, as a practice whose popularity took hold as a type of cultural safeguard, such as the also popular persecution of witches during the Protestant Reformation. This reterritorialization of “taboo” behaviors, especially the sexuality of women, [...]

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