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Begging for Death, the Diary of Online Pets

Neopets is a website that was launched by Adam Powell and Donna Williams in late 1999 and in June 2005, purchased by Viacom for $160 million. Gameplay allows users to create and care for ‘Neopets’ and explore the online world of Neopia. The game does not have any requirements and is set up with an [...]

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The Fantasy Game

Jane is a sentient artificially intelligent network created by Science-Fiction writer Orson Scott Card and first appears officially in his book Speaker for the Dead. She was originally conceived as a computer fantasy game that analyzes the player in Ender’s Game. The game was designed to secretly map out the psyche of the players, providing [...]

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Conspiracies and the Inability to Cope

"For one thing, conspiracy theories help us cope with distressing events and make sense out of them. Conspiracies assure us that bad things don't just happen randomly. Conspiracies tell us that someone out there is accountable, however unwittingly or secretly or incomprehensibly, so it's possible to stop these people and punish them and in due [...]

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Dragon Ball and the Reinvention of Death

Dragon Ball, and its continuation Dragon Ball Z, is a manga/anime series written by Akira Toriyama that debuted in 1984 and ran until 1995 as a weekly feature in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump. The story’s main character Son Goku was somewhat based off of the main character in a 16th century Chinese novel Journey [...]

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