Writing Prompt: If you were to make a work of art from the myth of Sisyphus, what would it be? Sketch out the beginnings of your concept – where would you do it? What effect would you want it to have? Could be any form of art – film , literature, performance, music, public procession, ceremony..

Group #1: Armando Dollero, Ousmane Sow, and Oscar Fossum

Film Plot:

Our group would create a film to illustrate Camus’ argument in “The Myth of Sisyphus”. Following Camus’ development within “Sisyphus,” our film’s protagonist “Chad” and attempts to flee the “absurd walls” of his 9-5 job at a gym. In his quest to connect with a deeper meaning in life, Chad commits “philosophical suicide” by joining a religious cult. Led into the temptation of his newfound cult religion, he follows their extreme teachings to the brink of partaking in a coordinated mass-suicide. Later, he wakes up from a botched suicide attempt and has a revelation of “absurd freedom” — that living an absurd life is preferable to the delusions of religion. His second-chance at life compels Chad to follow through with his bucket list, expanding his experience of the world in attempt to reveal some truth as to the nature of reality. Finally, our film concludes with Chad returning from his world travels back to his original 9-5 job as a personal trainer. This time around, Chad recognizes the absurdity and meaninglessness in his job, yet resolutely persists, with the knowledge that there is no “better” alternative. In the end, Chad is resigned to share the same fate as Sisyphus.


A short story:

Chad works at a gym as model and personal trainer. Chad’s job is to test treadmills, which consist of him walking on multiple treadmills from 9-5, 5 days a week. He hates his job, and becomes disillusioned. As a result, he begins to look for something meaningful in his life. Eventually, he encounters a couple of members from an elusive religious group called “People of The Doomsday”, which captivated him with their outlook on the meaning of life. He decides to join said cult, and quickly becomes deeply involved with it. Eventually, the cult declares that the “doomsday” is near, and that all the followers are all to drink a ‘magic juice’ which will take them to the next dimension before doomsday annihilation. Chad partakes. Chad wakes up many hours later, in the same room with a terrible headache, and full of dissolution. Everyone but him had been killed by the cyanide cocktail. He denounces the cult’s views, and denounces his search for objective meaning as well. In an attempt to revolt against the absurdity of life, Chad decides to quit his job, explore the world and begin a new mission to accomplish everything on his bucket list, this time without the expectation of finding life’s objective meaning. After years of adventure (reduced to a few film minutes of montage), Chad completes his bucket list, and is satisfied with his existence. Finally, Chad returns to his treadmill testing job. But now, he walks on them joyfully. The End.