Describing Death: Linguistic Metaphor, Prognostic Truth-Telling, the Dying, and the Deceased [Week 5, The Terminal Stage: Social Deaths]

The concept of a “social death” is intriguing in that it can be understood in at least two distinct ways. On the one hand, it manifests as the literal death of a society. In other words, this sort of death implies mortality on a grand scale– be it through systematic killing, or evolutionary adaptation and/or [...]

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Ice Art, Melting and Mortality

The myth of Sisyphus is an example of philosophy of the absurd, representing the futility of life that is spent searching for meaning and clarity in a nonsensical world with no universal truths or values. In the Greek myth, Sisyphus is forced to spent his whole life and all of eternity performing the meaningless and [...]

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Bunker Design 9/25

Dani D, Dani G, Meredith, Elsie Design sketches by Dani D -The bunker is sustainable for about 3 months on the mill. After some time it will need maintenance. An extra 3 months of life underwater is possible if power is switched to the battery. -The bunker isn't created to sustain life for eternity– it's [...]

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Group Post 9/25

Group Post September 25th:  Poetics of Social Death Elsie, Dani D, Dani G, Meredith *burials as sites for study of social change Sources: beyond the body: death and social identity Social death: Racialized rightlessness and the criminalization of the unprotected Death-ritual and social structure in classical antiquity Hearing the patient's 'voice': Toward a social poetics [...]

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The Fallout Monastery

Group: Raphael Barnes, Jack Plants, Claire Paterson We designed a fallout shelter based loosely on the Cannonball shelter/communication tower in the Appalachian mountains, which we have dubbed the “Fallout Monastery”. In our scenario, some sort of ecological catastrophe having to do with fungi has occurred, thereby marking the impending mass extinction of humankind. This hypothetical [...]

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about death across deaths

It is perhaps tempting to think of death in universal terms, to present the experience of death as a singular experience shared by all living beings. Realities of deaths, however, and how deaths are experienced differently by various individuals and groups, indicate an intimacy and specificity that would seem to render the universal irrelevant. What [...]

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The Ideology of Immortality: a Tool for Social Control

The Ideology of Immortality: a Tool for Social Control Research Group 1: Armando Dollero, Ousmane Sow and Oscar Fossum In Professor Abou Farman’s essay “Terminality,” he discusses how “biomedicine has changed the horizon of death from a principally social and moral to a temporal one” (98). An individual’s distance from death is quantified by doctors, [...]

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Palliative Care is The Devil

Charlie Magun Daryl Pazer Sintra Martins Terminality 25 September 2018 Hospice Care and Terminality: Timing Death There are a multitude of problems posited by Bethne Hart in her essay “Whose Dying?”, on ideas of what is a “good death” in western tradition, namely palliative care. The problem of note is in the making of a [...]

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bunker bounty

In many instances, the bunker is the site that epitomizes security; it is protected by means of seclusion, spared the potential risk of any interaction with the outside world. The bunker is sterile, and meant to stay that way. It is alarming to think of what kind of present values and fears prompt such apocalyptic [...]

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Bunker Idea: A Universal Aquatic Library

Universal Library click those words like usual

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