Converting Mount Pony Bunker into a Zen Retreat

Mount Pony, Culpeper, Virginia (link from week 4 readings) “The site of a former nuclear bunker known as Mount Pony, where the Federal Reserve secretly stockpiled billions of dollars in cash, which they planned to use to replenish currency supplies after Armageddon. In 2007 the facility was converted to the Library of Congress’ Packard campus [...]

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Nuclear Anxiety

Group Post September 18th: Elsie, Dani D, Dani G, Meredith   What happens to bomb shelters when a threat is no longer active? How do people cope with an immediate threat going away?   This government website explores the Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile Site in North Dakota. The Oscar-Zero Missile Alert Facility and [...]

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Futures Past – Ruin Value

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What’s Doomsday got to do with it? questions for John Mecklin

From Avondale: Q: Regarding nuclear warfare and how that affects the clock, how do you differentiate rhetoric and empty threats from a serious potential issue? A: Essentially, everyone on the board and who decides on the time until midnight is a professional (including 15 Nobel laureates). These professionals discuss and really study what is rhetoric [...]

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“Fallout” as a Result of “Nuclear Colonization”

Group: Raphael Barnes, Claire Paterson, Jack Plants In “The Age of the Fallout” by anthropologist and professor Joseph Masco, he highlights the impact of what is termed fallout– a notion he considers a to have solidified during the Cold War (1947-1991). Although initially “constituted as the bomb’s lesser form” (142), Masco explicitly identifies fallout as [...]

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Group Post Sept. 11 Elsie, Meredith, Dani G, Dani D   How does the future affect the present?   In this article, Radcliffe ponders the question about whether or not the prospect of the future can affect the present. People tend to be very critical about their present day actions affecting the future. [...]

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Doomsday Clock skeptics attempt to ask non-threatening questions:

Skype conversation with John Mecklin: Group: Armando Dollero, Ousmane Sow, Oscar Fossum What questions did we ask? What inputs do you consider in calculating the time until midnight? About this idea of “misperception”: what happens if you get down to seconds? Do you fear that as the clock approaches midnight that the clock could lead to [...]

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Doomsday Questions

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Linear Time, Telos, and Extinction

Group: Raphael Barnes, Claire Paterson, Jack Plants An essential facet of the modern, disenchanted, secular world is the conception of time as linear, unceasing, and perpetual. In a discussion of the problems faced in the secular subject of history, Chakrabarty notes that: "History’s own time is godless, continuous, and, to follow Benjamin, empty and homogenous [...]

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Politics of Conservation

Group 1: Elsie, Meredith, Dani G, Dani D   What is human intervention? Destruction vs conservation (conservation)   What is the quality of life of species in captivity?   This opinion piece in The Guardian is written by someone who supports zoos for their efforts in conservation and capability to reintroduce species to their [...]

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