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Group 3 Planaria Lab

WORM 2: Written by Dylan For the planaria lab I (Dylan) was in group three with Mike and Steve. Steve had asserted that he did not want to physically cut a worm himself so, for the two worms that needed to be sliced, Mike and I had authority over a single worm. The three of [...]

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BioArt and Immortality

Bio-Artist Marta De Menezes, has no specific background in biology, but her work explores a unique intersection from the world of science and the world of art. She takes scientific techniques and adapts them to the production of her artwork to try and contribute to the scientific research of the laboratory (Menezes 2007, 225). For [...]

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The Price for Immortality in the Inca Empire

  In Inca culture they believed that man was first birthed from the waters of Lake Titicaca. The Inca god, Viracocha, was the creator of all life in the universe, and had a son named Inti, who was considered by the Inca to be the sun god. Inti also had two children, Manco Capac, and [...]

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Aymara Natitas: Displaced People, and Displaced Souls

For the Aymara people they believe that a person’s being is comprised of seven souls. One of these souls stays with the skull of an individual when he or she dies, and has the power to provide protection, heal, and enter into a person’s dreams. These skulls are called natitas and every year to mark [...]

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